Things you should never do straight after sex


S*x is an amazing experience many people hope to have every now and then but not many know that certain things are not allowed immediately after getting laid.

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Straight after sx you may be at your most relaxed, but there are three things you should never do after the deed.
“When the vaginal tissues have been lubricated, swollen, and rubbed against during intercourse, it changes how that tissue reacts to the environment,” Kansas-based gynecologist Leslie E. F. Page, M.D. told Women’s Health. “Primarily, you run a much greater risk of infection.”
So if you want to keep your lady bits healthy, we suggest you never do these things after s
1. Soap-up down there


irritation and dryness and post-$ex you may even experience an allergic reaction.
“The vgina is a self-cleaning organ, and needs to be treated very, very gently—if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it in or around your vgina,” adds Leslie.
If you do want to scrub up use water only.
2. Forget to wee

There’s a reason why you always need to wee after sx – it helps clear any bacteria that may have been pushed into your vgina.
“[Sx] can result in post-intercourse bladder infections,” said Robert Wool, M.D., ob-gyn, “You can have some snuggle time, just empty your bladder within an hour of sx.”
3. Chill out in a hot tub
While the idea of a post-coital hot tub dip might sounds nice, it could actually be very bad news for your vgina.
“When your vulva swells in response to s
xual stimulation, it reveals the opening of the v*gina, which means you have a greater chance of infection,” said Leslie.
“If you’re in a hot tub with your partner, that means you’re exposed to the bacteria on his skin and anus.”


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