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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Some of the reason why lazy woman cannot marry rich man

1. You Are A Liability : Majority of girls, would rant 24hrs a day, 365days a year about how they hate broke guys, bla bla bla, with zero bank account, no financial stabilty, no brain to be creative and attract positive source of income, yet they despise broke hustling guys. If you’re a guy, please stay away from such girls, because they will wreck your financial life.
2. You Don’t Deserve Him : If you deem yourself fit for a rich guy, my dear , you are fit for a broke guy. No rich guy in his right senses would take you serious, because he is aware of your intentions, and believe it or not, you would be used and trashed out for the next broke girl to come in.
3. You Are A Money Sucker : Imagine you demanding for 100k from a guy, for hair and other stuff, while your father can’t afford 1k for your upkeep!!!, Please are you not afraid of your wickedness?. Please guys should take a bow, and stop giving broke girls attention.
4. You Will Regret Your Actions : After demanding for 100k etc from him, and you have nothing to offer, he will use you, and use, and keep using you, till the moment he is tired of using you. Then he will dump you, and you will jump to the next guy, and the same circle continues. Then you will start looking for the nearest church to join and represent your broke image before God, and possibly get married. That’s when you will recall your youthful days.
5. Your Body Is All You Got : Imagine a guy making serious money legally, and by chance you were able to hook him up. He asked you for a business idea, because he has 1million naira he is not using, and all you could come up with is emptiness grin , You will be used and dump.
Conclusion, please let’s be creative and make use of our ample time to savor our brains and see if we would be able to come up with something meaningful, rather than presenting ourselves as a sex object. No rich lady got time to slay, but broke girls got the whole time to slay the world and squander a guys destiny.
Please, the guys who are still hustling, continue working hard, you will make it, and those who have already made it, I wish you luck. But you both should avoid broke girls like plaques.

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