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Monday, 16 October 2017

3 Step to attract a girl with boyfriend and make her dump her boyfriend for you {number 2 will shock you}

Have you come across any situation in which you are attracted to a gorgeous girl, but later you find that she already has a boyfriend? Well, let me tell the real truth, if a girl is gorgeous and beautiful, then most likely she has a boyfriend.

 Bear in mind that you are not the only one person who wants to make her his girlfriend. There is a competition between you and other guys, and you have to beat your competitors in order to make her yours. In this article I will tell you how to do it. And you literally make her dump her boyfriend for you. So read on to discover the secrets.

 How to attract a girl who already has a boyfriend?

 1. You need to become a high status Alpha Male who naturally attracts girls. Subconsciously every girl and woman is attracted to the man who has high social status and who is confident. It is because girls want to feel secure when they are with their partners. Another thing is Alpha men take their own decisions in every part of their life and they don't seek approvals to do their own things. In the eyes of girls it is very attractive personality, because every girl wants to be subordinate. That's why girls are naturally attracted to Alpha men.

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 2.Build emotional connection between you and her. Make her feel that she has known you for the last couple of years. And the best way to do it is to talk about interesting topics. Another thing you can do is to talk about her fantasies, and subconsciously push her to talk about her dreams. Do not try to push her to dump her current boyfriend by giving logical reasons. No, you should not let her know that you are trying to make her dump her current boyfriend. Instead, you should focus all your efforts on creating emotional connections. You must be able to play with her emotions. Make her laugh and also make her feel bad about herself by playing with her emotions.

 3.Ask her what she wants from her partner and from a perfect relationships, and instantly talk about her current boyfriend. Subconsciously you are pushing her to compare her boyfriend with what she wants in a perfect boyfriend. Improve your inner game, and often play this game with her. After sometime she will find that her current boyfriend is not the perfect boyfriend she wanted.

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