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Saturday, 21 October 2017

things that you must keep when having s3x immediately

“You should definitely stay away from things that might distract you while having s3x, little things may become big turn offs for both you and your partner”. Here are the things you should keep away before having s3x:

 Watches: “This little thing can cause a major turn off, you might end up hurting each other or even prick and it may destroy the mood”.

 Your hair: “Women, this one goes for you, tie your hair before you get into action, especially during foreplay, which you definitely don’t want to ruin”.

 Fragile items on your side table: “While you’re having an amazing time on bed you don’t want a lamp or something to fall off from the side table and break and crush the whole mood”.

 Any object on your bed: “Remove everything from the bed, one prick and you might have to start everything all over again”.

 Belts that are practically jig-saw puzzles: “Remove your belt right before you start, the idea of removing clothes while in action might seem a very sexy but keep the belts away”.

 Loud phones: “Either keep your phone on silent mode or simply switch them off, you don’t want a sudden and loud ringing in the middle of orgasms”.


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