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Friday, 26 January 2018

Ways girls feel when their boyfriend touch their breast


So my girlfriend and I were hanging out in my room watching a movie when we started to make out. We were going at if for about four hours (seriously), and we were both getting very into it

My girlfriend was wearing a tank top and earlier that night I mentioned how amazing her body is. And I have to admit it was difficult to not stare haha.

 So later on in the night as we were kissing on my bed she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. I was pretty confused as she's never done that before, but I kept them there haha. A few minutes later she did it again and I kind of squeezed (lightly) and moved my hands around.

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My main question was: does it feel good when guys touch your boobs? Because it kind of seemed like she did that to please me after what I said and how much I was looking. I hope it was because she liked it.

Also, for when she does this again, how do you like guys to touch you like that? I was kind of confused and I feel like I didn't give her that much pleasure with what I did. 

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