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Monday, 15 January 2018

why sucking a woman vagina is bad


It is absolutely safe to suck a pussy and penis. It is a part of foreplay. It arouses more and helps to have orgasm.

Most of the guys do love that. A few years ago a research said the best sex position a man and woman enjoys is 69. Thats oral sex together.

I believe apart from giving a orgasm and make a pussy lubed, sucking pussy is a great way to show tribute to one of the greatest creation of God, the genital.
 Go ahead without worry.
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Just check few things, she is clean (I mean wash, not bald pussy), 2ndly she is not suffering from any STD, and 3rd she is not having any infection, like Urinary tract infection.

Enjoy and take a dip, she would love this. Though she will say no at the begining assuming that’s a dirty place, but once you start, both you and she will find you are in heaven.

If you trust me, I never had a sex in my life before I dipped down in that heavenly triangle. It gives me a great pleasure, it gives my partner a sense of superiority that she can bind me on between her legs.

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